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Injection Foam Insulation

Injection Foam Installation


Injection foam quite simply is the best way to insulate an existing home. Injection foam insulation not only has 40% higher R-value compared to the old-fashioned cellulose or fiberglass,  but it also has the huge added benefit of being able to seal up drafts and air leaks. 


These combined benefits result in our customers having lower heating and cooling costs by 20% to up 50%.


If you have an older, drafty, uncomfortable home that is costing you too much to heat and cool then could really benefit from foam insulation.



Injection Foam Installation

Injection foam is typically installed from the exterior of most homes.  We can remove most siding types such as vinyl, aluminum and steel.  We will remove the siding, inject your sidewall full of our foam insulation, and then replace the siding leaving no visible holes.


We also specialize in insulating brick and stucco homes from the exterior! We are the only insulation contractor in Central Iowa that can insulate brick homes from the exterior.  We simply drill small holes in the mortar joints, inject our foam insulation, then we will patch the mortar joints when completed.


Injection foam in Non-Expanding. This makes it perfect for all existing walls.  It can also be used in garage ceilings where living space above the garage is cold during the winter and hot during the summer.  Our injection foam also acts as a sound dampener reducing sound levels by 50db.



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Customer Comments

The owner was the first to respond to my inquiry. I only wanted to insulate my attached three-car garage that was not insulated, but I knew that even though the house was two years old, all of the insulation was done poorly. Jason offered to either do just the garage space, or take on all spaces for what I considered a very reasonable price. The insulation was blown in and is now very uniform. Rulers placed in the attic showing 19 or 20 inches throughout. I felt very good at the end of this project and would use Affordable Foam again.

Martin S. - Carlisle, IA